Editor Instructions for Special Issues

  • All special issues should have an editorial from 1-20 pages long; these are typically very popular based on download statistics so this is worth a bit of effort. Further currently Wiley provides free access to all editorials so don't waste this; write a great editorial!
  • Editorials should be submitted through manuscript central as a special issue paper; please send an email to Geoffrey Fox or Luc Moreau (if submitted through him) when special issue complete and indicate preferred order with editorial as first
  • Editorial should refer to papers in issue as Author Names, Title, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience [this issue]
  • It is best for editors to "accept" all papers (including editorial) at the same time in Manuscript Central
  • Editors should supply a covering document containing preferred order of articles and if papers reviewed outside Manuscript Central, the received, revised (if applicable) and accepted dates
  • The paranoid software will blind special issue editors to papers of which they are author (such as editorials). You can avoid this by using a different login (email address) for author and editor role. Alternatively ask Fox or Moreau to handle this paper for you.