OpenStack Tutorial

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OpenStack is an open source cloud project and community with broad commercial and developer support.  OpenStack is currently developing two interrelated technologies: OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Object Storage. OpenStack Compute is the internal fabric of the cloud creating and managing large groups of virtual private servers and OpenStack Object Storage is software for creating redundant, scalable object storage using clusters of commodity servers to store terabytes or even petabytes of data.  In this tutorial, Bret Piatt will explain how to deploy OpenStack Compute and Object Storage, including an overview of the architecture and technology requirements.


Bret Piatt
Senior Manager of Technical Alliances, OpenStack

As Senior Manager of Technical Alliances, Bret Piatt is responsible for helping cloud companies build solutions that integrate with OpenStack and supporting enterprises and service providers who are adopting the open source platform. Prior to his current role, Bret helped build the ecosystem around the Rackspace Cloud and was part of the Product Management teams for both Rackspace and AT&T, where he was responsible for security and compliance product lines. His technical experience comes from his time at SBC, where he designed monitoring and management systems, optimized networks for enterprise customers, and performed lab testing on new products from potential suppliers and partners. A self-described “lifelong geek”, Bret is passionate about helping companies solve problems through technology and participates in several industry organizations and alliances to further cloud standards, including the DMTF, OGF, OASIS, CloudAudit, and the ACCA.


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