Cloud Computing Standards Cataloging, Categorization, and Coordination Workshop

Sponsored by IEEE and NIST
Friday, December 3, 2010
Held in Conjunction with IEEE CloudCom 2010

"Towards a Formal Guidebook: Standards Projects, Industry Associations,Community Efforts, and Government Initiatives."


The field of Cloud Computing has seen rapid development in the industry in 2009 and 2010. This has included the emergence of several projects including those of portability, interoperability, best practices, interface definitions, functionality definitions, and procurement requirements. Some projects are building upon technologies and organizations from the field of Grid Computing, some projects are brand new. There are redundant and in some cases competing efforts; some organizations are limited in their geographic scope. Some of these projects are under a formal Standards Development Organization (SDO), some are initiatives within an Industry Trade Association, some are not-for profit organizations, some are proprietary initiatives of a vendor or group of vendors, and some are informal self-organized communities.

All of these projects are under the somewhat imprecise banner of “cloud computing standards”. Of course many of these efforts are not actually “standards”; however they are extremely useful to the Cloud Computing industry nonetheless. Enterprises, Service Providers, Governments, Vendors, and Developers do not have a reference-able, comprehensive, unbiased, global, authoritative guidebook to help make sense of this situation and to apply their experience and needs to reference “standards” as they construct and consume Cloud Computing offerings.

This workshop seeks to catalyze a movement towards a more formal cataloging, categorization, and coordination of these disparate efforts. The development of a reference-able, comprehensive, unbiased, global, authoritative guidebook covering all such Standards Projects, Industry Associations, Community Efforts, and Government Initiatives, which might be created and maintained under the guidance and structure of an SDO, would be invaluable to the industry. This workshop will be a first step in that direction.

Preliminary Agenda





Welcome and Introductory Remarks by the Sponsors/Moderators

Stephen Diamond, David Bernstein
IEEE Cloud Computing Standards Study Group
Dawn Leaf, Bob Bohn
NIST Cloud Computing Group


Presentation of Guidebook Concept Proposal, Characterization (Diagram) Approach



Current Cloud Computing Standards Activities (15 minutes each)

IEEE, NIST USG Cloud Computing Roadmap, OGF, SNIA, DMTF, GICTF, OpenStack


Lunch Break



Continuation Current Cloud Computing Standards Activities (15 minutes each)

NIST USG Reference Architecture; Others TBA


Identification of completeness of Inventory of Groups, and Additional Groups needed to Participate
Structured Discussion towards a Guidebook, using Characterization (Diagram) and Reference Architecture approach
Open Collaboration and Discussion



Concluding Remarks and Follow-up Action Items









Stephen L. Diamond,
Chair, IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative
General Manager, Industry Standards Office, EMC Corporation

Stephen L. Diamond is General Manager of Industry Standards at EMC Corporation and Global Standards Officer. He chairs the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative and the IEEE Cloud Computing Standards Study Group. Steve has 30 years of senior management, marketing, business development, M&A, and engineering experience in semiconductors, software, systems, and standards. Prior to EMC, he was Director of Product Management for Intercloud Computing at Cisco Systems. Steve has authored more than 20 technical publications on cloud computing, memory and microprocessor technology, signal processing, expert systems, and computer graphics. He is a member of the IEEE Board of Directors and was the 2003 President of IEEE Computer Society.


David R. Bernstein

Vice Chair, IEEE Cloud Computing Standards Study Group
Special CTO and Vice President for the Software & Applications Division of Huawei

David Bernstein is Special (Contract) CTO and Vice President for the Software & Applications Division of Huawei. Previous to Huawei, David was at Cisco as VP/GM of Cloud Computing for Cisco in the Office of the CTO where he and his team first defined "Intercloud" technologies. David’s previous experience includes executive positions in AT&T, Siebel Systems, Pluris, InterTrust, and Santa Cruz Operation. David holds nearly a dozen patents, speaks and publishes regularly in IEEE, IARIA, and Industry conferences, and is Vice-Chair of the IEEE CCSSG (Cloud Computing Standards Study Group). He was a key author/contributor to many industry standards such as, OASIS SCA, WS-I, JCP/J2EE, and IEEE POSIX.



Dawn Leaf
NIST Senior Executive for Cloud Computing

Dawn Leaf is a Senior Advisor in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Technology Laboratory, and the NIST Senior Executive for Cloud Computing.

Prior to her appointment to NIST in March 2010, Ms. Leaf served as the Deputy Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer for the United States Department of Commerce, the Chief Information Officer of the Bureau of Industry and Security, the Chief Technology Officer of the Smithsonian Institution, and as the Manager of System Architecture of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Before joining the federal government in 1999, Ms. Leaf acquired broad experience in Information Technology management, advanced technology, and large scale distributed systems development and engineering. She served as the program manager for several National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) programs under contract. Ms. Leaf's foundation in Information Technology came from her 1981-1995 tenure with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation (Northrop-Grumman). Highlights include the 1992 George Westinghouse Signature of Excellence Award and appointment as the Information Systems Manager for the Oceanic sonar and anti-submarine warfare facility. Dawn Leaf holds an M.S. In Systems Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, and is a cum laude graduate of McDaniel College.

Bob Bohn




Wayne Adams
Chairman, SNIA Board of Directors

Wayne M. Adams is the Chairman for the Board of Directors. Wayne has served on the SNIA Board of Directors since 2003 and was previously elected Chair for three years. Wayne is involved in several SNIA strategic programs and standards including Green Data Storage, Data Storage as a Cloud Service, digital archiving, storage management, and cross-industry alliances.  He also serves on the DMTF Board of Directors and is the Senior VP of the Board.  Wayne works for EMC Corporation as a Senior Technologist and Director of Standards within the Office of the CTO, responsible for expanding and managing EMC technology initiatives with the industry standards bodies. Within EMC, previous managing positions include partner management and software product management, where responsibilities included API licensing and product lifecycle management for Storage Resource Management, SAN Management, and I/O pathing product lines. Prior to EMC, Wayne was responsible for business and market development of several strategic software and hardware products at Digital Equipment Corporation. He started his high-tech career at Eastman Kodak as a system designer of real-time control systems. Wayne holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh.




Tomonori Aoyama
Professor Tomonori Aoyama
Chair, Global Inter Cloud Technology Forum

Tomonori Aoyama received the B.E., M.E. and Dr. Eng. from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 1967, 1969 and 1991, respectively. Since he joined NTT Public Corporation in 1969, he has been engaged in R&D on communication networks and systems in the NTT Laboratories. From 1973 to 1974, he stayed in MIT as a visiting scientist. In 1995 he became Director of the NTT Optical Network Systems Laboratories. In 1997, he joined the University of Tokyo as a professor. In April 2006, he moved to Keio University, and is currently Professor of Graduate School of Media and Governance. He also serve as Program Coordinator for New Generation Network in National Institute of Information & Communications Technology(NICT).

Dr. Aoyama is a member of Science Council of Japan, an IEEE Fellow and an IEICE (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) Fellow.

He is serving as Chair of the Global Inter Cloud Technology Forum (GICTF), Chair of Photonic Internet Forum (PIF), Vice-chair of Ubiquitous Networking Forum and New Generation Network Promotion Forum. He is also serving as President of NPO, the Digital Cinema Consortium of Japan (DCCJ).




Craig Lee
Past President, Open Grid Forum

Craig A. Lee is a Senior Scientist in the Computer Systems Research Department of The Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit, federally funded, research and development center. Dr. Lee has also conducted DARPA and NSF sponsored research in the areas of grid computing, optimistic models of computation, active networks, and distributed simulations, in collaboration with USC, UCLA, Caltech, Argonne National Lab, and the College of William and Mary. He has published over 65 technical works, is on the steering committee for the Grid XY and CCGrid conference series, and is an associate editor of Future Generation Computing Systems and on the editorial board of the International Journal of Cloud Computing. As of October 2010, Dr. Lee is a past president of the Open Grid Forum, which is currently producing the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI), an open standard API for infrastructure clouds.

Bret Piatt
Senior Manager of Technical Alliances, OpenStack

As Senior Manager of Technical Alliances, Bret Piatt is responsible for helping cloud companies build solutions that integrate with OpenStack and supporting enterprises and service providers who are adopting the open source platform. Prior to his current role, Bret helped build the ecosystem around the Rackspace Cloud and was part of the Product Management teams for both Rackspace and AT&T, where he was responsible for security and compliance product lines. His technical experience comes from his time at SBC, where he designed monitoring and management systems, optimized networks for enterprise customers, and performed lab testing on new products from potential suppliers and partners. A self-described “lifelong geek,” Bret is passionate about helping companies solve problems through technology and participates in several industry organizations and alliances to further cloud standards, including the DMTF, OGF, OASIS, CloudAudit, and the ACCA.



Winston Bumpus

President, DMTF

Winston Bumpus, Director of Standards Architecture at VMware, has had over 30 years of experience in the computer industry. He is currently the President of the DMTF. He has chaired activities in other standards organizations including, OASIS, and The Open Group. Prior to VMware he was Director of Systems Management Architecture at Dell and he was also Director of Open Technologies at Novell, Inc. He is co-author of the books "Common Information Model" and "The Foundations of Application Management." He has participated in the DMTF for over 14 years and worked on its early development of the Common Information Model (CIM) and Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) standards and founded and chaired its Application Management Working Group.

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