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  • Judy Qiu, Jaliya Ekanayake, Thilina Gunarathne, Jong Youl Choi, Seung-Hee Bae, Yang Ruan, Saliya Ekanayake, Stephen Wu, Scott Beason, Geoffrey Fox, Mina Rho, Haixu Tang Data Intensive Computing for Bioinformatics Technical Report December 29 2009
  • Jaliya Ekanayake, Atilla Soner Balkir, Thilina Gunarathne, Geoffrey Fox, Christophe Poulain, Nelson Araujo, Roger Barga DryadLINQ for Scientific Analyses 5th IEEE International Conference on e-Science Oxford UK, December 9-11 2009
  • Xiaohong Qiu, Geoffrey C. Fox (presenter), Huapeng Yuan, Seung-Hee Bae, George Chrysanthakopoulos, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen PARALLEL CLUSTERING AND DIMENSIONAL SCALING ON MULTICORE SYSTEMS Invited talk at the 2008 High Performance Computing & Simulation Conference (HPCS 2008) In Conjunction With The 22nd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON MODELLING AND SIMULATION (ECMS 2008) Nicosia, Cyprus June 3 - 6, 2008
  • Geoffrey Fox, Seung-Hee Bae, Rajarshi Guha, Marlon E. Pierce, Xiaohong Qiu, David J. Wild , H. Yuan High Performance Robust Datamining for Cheminformatics PAPER ID: 1168842 at Division of Chemical Information session on Cheminformatics: From Teaching to Research Tuesday, April 8, 2008 from 11:35 AM to 12:00 PM at Spring 2008 American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition Sunday, April 6 — Thursday, April 10, 2008 New Orleans, LA USA
  • Geoffrey Fox, Seung-Hee Bae, Rajarshi Guha, Marlon E. Pierce, Xiaohong Qiu, David J. Wild , H. Yuan, Neil M Devadasan, George Chrysanthakopoulos, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen Parallel Clustering in a Cheminformatics Grid The 2007 Microsoft eScience Workshop at RENCI (The Friday Center for Continuing Education UNC - Chapel Hill 100 Friday Center Drive Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1020) October 21-23 2007
  • Geoffrey Fox, Dennis Gannon, Sung-Hoon Ko, Sangmi Lee, Shrideep Pallickara, Marlon Pierce, Xiaohong Qiu, Xi Rao, Ahmet Uyar, Minjun Wang, Wenjun Wu Book chapter on Peer-to-Peer Grids
  • Xiaohong Qiu, Flash Tutorial October 2000 in Word or HTML