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eucarc = default
eucaImageEmi = fe974b15-490e-4082-95a3-3f3e35a83dcb
instanceType = 3
pubkey = default
numOfNodes = 1
applicationType = 2540_bfsPredecessorListNX_karate_VM
Job start Time = 1386607869782

[INFO] Getting cloud mode configuration parameters
[INFO] getting chef cloud parameters.
[INFO] Amount of running instances(s): 1
Job ID = c29eb05b-af0c-46b6-a920-982aed5aca24
[INFO] Cloud mode start VM(s) with using chef
[INFO] configured with recipe: recipe[vt-demo]
[INFO] Knife commands: knife openstack server create -a -I fe974b15-490e-4082-95a3-3f3e35a83dcb -f 3 -A taklwu -K Y2IzM2E4ZTBlNzFlMGUyNDQ4Yjk5ZGMw --openstack-api-endpoint -S taklwu_openstack -x root -i /home/taklwu/taklwu_openstack.pem --insecure -r recipe[vt-demo]
1 VM(s) are starting.................................
...... All VMs have been started
[INFO] Node 0 information b87da25d-f9d3-4568-9503-15b3fbdeebce
[INFO] Total started VM = 1
[INFO] Cloud VM startup plus Chef preparation time = 100.65 Seconds
[INFO] Copying ssh information
[INFO] Setting VM Environment.
[INFO] Connecting to
sudo hostname os-8881040636296632
[INFO] uploading data from /tmp/c29eb05b-af0c-46b6-a920-982aed5aca24_hosts to VM's/etc/hosts
[INFO] uploading data from /home/taklwu/taklwu_openstack.pem to VM's/root/.ssh/id_rsa
chmod 600 /root/.ssh/id_rsa
[INFO] uploading data from salsaDPI.jar to VM's/root/salsaDPI.jar
mkdir -p /tmp/c29eb05b-af0c-46b6-a920-982aed5aca24
[INFO] Uploading Binary and Input
[INFO] Cloud Program input preparation time = 9.504 Seconds
End of Copying ssh information
[INFO] starting with recipes service recipe[vt-demo]
Application Type = GENERAL
[INFO] downloading data from web to VMs
[INFO] ssh exit-status: 126

Creates the Output directory on VM: true
[INFO] Download file/dir name 2540_bfsPredecessorListNX_karate.qsub
[INFO] Download file/dir name 2540_bfsPredecessorListNX_karate.qlog
[INFO] Download file/dir name 2540_bfsPredecessorListNX_karate_VM.sh
[INFO] Download file/dir name .
[INFO] Download file/dir name log.out
[INFO] Download file/dir name bfsPredecessorListNX_karate.zip
[INFO] Download file/dir name 2540_bfsPredecessorListNX_karate.e1099161
[INFO] Download file/dir name PROCESSING_COMPLETED
[INFO] Download file/dir name networkx_credit.txt
[INFO] Download file/dir name ..
[INFO] Download file/dir name 2540_bfsPredecessorListNX_karate.sh
[INFO] Download file/dir name output.out
[INFO] Hadoop or Twistert startup time plus program execution time = 1.58 Seconds
[INFO] VM termination and Chef deregistering.....
knife openstack server delete b87da25d-f9d3-4568-9503-15b3fbdeebce -A taklwu -K Y2IzM2E4ZTBlNzFlMGUyNDQ4Yjk5ZGMw --openstack-api-endpoint --insecure -P -y
knife node delete os-8881040636296632 -y
knife client delete os-8881040636296632 -y
[INFO] VM termination and Chef deregister time = 6.168 Seconds
MasterNode Hostname=b87da25d-f9d3-4568-9503-15b3fbdeebce
MasterNode Public IP=
MasterNode Private IP=
MasterNode Instance Name=os-8881040636296632

[INFO] -------------------------------------------
[INFO] Job c29eb05b-af0c-46b6-a920-982aed5aca24 has been finished
[INFO] Please check program output at local path /var/www/salsadpi/salsaDPI_output/c29eb05b-af0c-46b6-a920-982aed5aca24/output/
[INFO] -------------------------------------------

Output Dir = salsaDPI_output/c29eb05b-af0c-46b6-a920-982aed5aca24/output/

Job Execution Time = 118.112
Job Finished Time = 1386607987894
Job Finished