This page provide an example for using this web portal to run all supported applications.

* Submit a job
  1. First, go the job submission page
  2. Select the provisioning information for your starting Eucalyptus VM(s)
    1. select the a VM image (eucaImageEmi), we currently support two images:
      1. emi-A8F63C29: for Hadoop and Twister applications
      2. emi-59AC3A58: for VT application. Noted that it must run as instance type of "m1.xlarge"
    2. select the starting vm Instance Type, options are:
      1. m1.small
      2. c1.medium
      3. m1.xlarge (for VT applications)
    3. select the amount of running instances
  3. Select the application type, options are:
    1. Hadoop WordCount
    2. Twister WordCount
    3. Twister WordCount with Url Support
    4. Twister WordCount with S3 support
    5. Hadoop Kmeans
    6. Twister Kmeans
    7. VT betweennessNX (with m1.xlarge)
    8. VT likelihood (with m1.xlarge)
    9. VT CCdist (with m1.xlarge)
  4. click the "Submit" button, then you will get a job ID.
  5. Next, go to Job Status page and track the job status with the assigned job ID.


* Track a job

To track a job, go to Job Status page

  1. enter the job ID (from the previous step), e.g. 519d2ee884b7a
  2. Refresh this page, and wait till it shows "Job Finished."

* Alternatively, you can also go to the Job List page to see the job status.


* View a job output

To see the job output, go to Job List page

  1. Find your job with job ID, e.g. 519d2ee884b7a
  2. Click on the output "link", go into the lowest level directory to see the output content.