Stem Intiative

Data Visualization with PlotViz

Student(s):  Timothy Watson, North Carolina A&T State University


SALSA project is funded by Microsoft research to investigate new programming models of parallel multicore computing and Cloud/Grid computing. It aims at developing and applying parallel and distributed Cyberinfrastructure to support large scale data analysis. Tim Watson, studies how to visualize and select meta data in our 3D visualiztion tool PlotViz. This sub-project work synergistically as parts of SALSA project as data scalable data analysis in Grid, biomedicine and particle physics. Plot Viz is a powerful datavisualization software created by the SALSA group at Indiana University, in which high dimensional meta data is plotted as a point in three dimensional space. Each point is plotted using an algorithm that determines a spacial relationship between each point and clusters them accordingly. The spacial relation between two points tells the user (visually) how closely they are related. The object is to provide new functionalities that enables the user to interact with a data point and have a way of persisting meta-data to the view layer.