Stem Intiative

REU Students Projects at PTI 2010

1. Security Module for the SALSA Portal

Jean Bevins and Cortnie Wright

This project was aimed at the design and implementation of a general security module to support the SALSA Portal, which is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for exposing SALSA software resources as web services.  In particular, Jean Bevins and Cortnie Wright worked together to specify a ...


2. Data Clustering Analysis and Visualization

Joyce Bevins, Keenan Black, and Cornelius Myles

The project was about data clustering analysis and visualization project. The aim of the project was to provide a user-friendly tool to support research activities on clustering analysis and visualization of data in 3D. For this project, the students worked together to perform various clustering analysis methods with real research datasets used in bio- and chem-informatics and ...


3. Health Data Analysis

Constance Williams

The project was a data-mining project aiming at discovering hidden relationships or meanings from huge volumes of data. More specifically, Constance Williams has worked on the analysis of the children health data, which is a research dataset about various health and environmental factors ...


4. Visualization of Ice Sheet Elevation Data Using Google Earth & Python Plotting Libraries

Austin, JerNettie Burney, Nadirah Cogbill, and Robyn Evans

Polar Grid is a National Science Foundation (NSF) MRI funded partnership of Indiana University and Elizabeth City State University whose purpose is to obtain the necessary information needed to bring awareness to the urgent problems in glacial melting. Formed by the NSF in 2005, the Center for ...


5. Evaluation of Cloud Storage for Preservation and Distribution of Polar Data

Nadirah Cogbill

The team goal was to find a service that could both store large amounts of data that Polar Grid has collected, and also be sure that the data will be preserved for researchers of the future to continue to use the data. For this reason, the team looked to a cloud storage service for the solution. Cloud ...