Stem Intiative

REU Students Projects at PTI 2011

1. Analysis of Sequence Population in a High Performance Computing Enviornment

Chartese Jones

Modern pyrosequencing techniques have made it possible to study complex bacterial populations, such as 16 rRNA, directly from environmental or clinical samples, and the resultant data sets contain many duplicate sequences leading to redundant calculations. Redundant Sequence Identification - In many ...


2. Tracking High-Performance Biosequence Clustering Jobs Using Common Web Interfaces

Franshetta Hibbler

Contemporary methods have followed for the study of complex bacterial populations, such as 16S rRNA, directly from environmental or clinical samples. Alignment of data sets of 100,000+ sequences is necessary to identify potential gene clusters and families. Consequently, there is a demand for accurate ...


3. Testing Windows Azure Cloud Computer Service Efficiency

Michael Austin and Jean Bevins

The primary focus of this research project was to test cloud computer services using Windowa Azure. Windows Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform used to host, shape and balance web applications through Microsoft datacenters. Clouds are machines that are accessed via internet to either store or compute ...


4. Efficency of Parallel Computing Through Matrix Multiplication Utilizing C and C# Programming Languages

JerNettie Burney and Robyn Evans

Parallel computing is defined as the simultaneous carrying out of large-scale calculations by using multiple computing units (cores/workers). The method for including these is known as threading ...


5. Analyzing Map Reduce Frameworks Hadoop and Twister

Joyce Bevins and Autumn Luke

The primary focus of this research group was to analyze the attributes of MapReduce frameworks for data intensive computing and to compare two different MapReduce frameworks, Hadoop and Twister. MapReduce is a data processing framework that allows developers to write applications that can ...


6. Web Interfaces for Bio Sequence Desktop Analysis

Lakesha Wells

The research project is targeted to assist scientists in their studies of complex bacterial populations from clinical samples. Modern pyro sequencing techniques have made this type of study possible. The project particularly assist's those scientist who are studying the genome bacteria 16S rRNA. These types of ...


7. The Evaluation of Biosequence Clustering Algorithms in a High-Performance Computing Environment

Joseph Jackson

The primary focus of research for this project is to evaluate and compare biosequence clustering algorithms in a high-performance computing environment. The algorithms studied in this project, are various implementations of the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm. These algorithms are used for the ...